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optimize your time and lumion work with library Models and effects

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Extend your library with new models (Humans, Cars, Tree, animals ….)

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Optimize your time with ready interior and exterior effects

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Frequently asked questions

It’s easy to add library model.

follow this steps:

1- Go to My documents\Lumion xx (xx version)\Library

2- Create new folder name it as you want to organize your library (example : cars).

3- Extract The downloaded file into the new created folder.

4-Run lumion select imported models click on place icon and browse to the folder you created from imported models library.

Follow this video to know how to save and load effects on lumion 

or can visite this link 

Models and effects shared on our website are for free, hope it’s useful for you.

Models and effects are shared for free , you can share it with you collaborator or anyone who need them.

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