Scandinavian Interior Lumion Scene

By Khaled DRIDI

Today I share with you a new experience, a Scandinavian interior Lumion render.

The scene was downloaded from this superb site : Free Sketchup

Model by Nguyen Tien Dat.

  • Please note that Projects and models saved in version 11 cannot be opened in older versions of Lumion.
  • Discover the new features of Lumion 11 here.

In this scene it was litte difficult getting a good natural light income from the glass window in front, that’s why we added few spots to get better shadow and light quality.

Know that in lumion incoming light from outside can give you much better render result. 

No special materials here, all from sketchup, with clean and good models, i have just edited materials reflection, glossiness, and for sure the very important setting  in materials which is Weathering in advanced settings. 

Camera focal length is very important to get rid of the distorted image. We recommend using a Focal length of 25 mm and over. 

Scandinavian Interior
Scandinavian Interior

As preset we begun using Overcast Preset style, added and edited the following FX:

  • Global Illumination
  • Lens Flare
  • Sun
  • Real Sky
  • Handheld camera (for portrait shot) 
  • Edited Reflection Fx (to add planar reflection)
  • Edited Hyperlight At (40%)
  • Edited skylight

And more, you can explore the full scene.

Like promised i share for free the link to download the full scene and the effects.

Like mentioned above it’s a Lumion 11 scene (you can’t load it on older version).

  • Model from sketchup.cgtips
  • Render Resolution 3840 x 2160 Time: average 3min 40s
  • PC spec: CPU E5-2620, RAM 32Gb, GPU Gtx 1080Ti

Link to Download: MEGA 

Scandinavian Interior

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